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The Series

Joyfully Josie is a children's book series and digital platform designed to help teach all children about disabilities, medical complexities, and rare diseases at a young age.

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Learn with Josie!

What are genes?

What are seizures?

Why so many doctors?!

What is it like to be a sibling of a medically complex child?

Why so many medicines?

Can a rare disease be fixed?

Loved By All!

“My daughter loved learning about Josie’s buttons! Now, she understands there are different ways to communicate with children who are non verbal. I’m so happy she is learning about disabilities through Josie”

Jessica & Maya - New York

“My daughter wants me to read this book to her every night! She loves learning from Josie!” 

Rebecca & Emily - California

Tyler has a whole new understanding of what it means to have disabilities now. Thank you Joyfully Josie!

John & Tyler


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Together we can Help Cure FOXG1 Syndrome and more Childhood Diseases!

Join the team to help towards a cure!

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