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Josie Helps Children Understand Disabilities and Inclusion at a Young Age

Do Children Understand Disabilities?

"Joyfully Josie" is a great tool for parents and educators to introduce children to topics around disabilities and inclusion.

What are disabilities?

What is a rare disease?

What does inclusion mean?

What does it mean to be 

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Teach Children About Disabilities
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About The Author

Nicole Zeitzer Johnson is on a mission to find a cure for the 

rare disease her daughter Josie was born with, called FOXG1 syndrome. 


In 2017, Nicole co-founded the FOXG1 Research Foundation, which is working to help every child in the world with FOXG1 syndrome live a healthier and easier life. 


Nicole created the Joyfully Josie series of children’s books to help all children understand disabilities and rare diseases. Nicole hopes to spread the message that even when things in life are hard, we can all choose to be joyful - like Josie.

What is FOXG1 Syndrome?

FOXG1 syndrome is a rare disease that happens when an important gene called foxg1 doesn’t work properly. Children born with FOXG1 syndrome often have a hard time talking, walking, doing things on their own, and they often have terrible seizures.


But, there are people who are working very hard to change this. The FOXG1 Research Foundation is a group of brilliant scientists, doctors, and families who are working together to find a cure and bring hope and healing to children around the world.

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Together we can help cure FOXG1 syndrome and more childhood diseases!

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