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About FOXG1 Syndrome

FOXG1 syndrome is a rare disease that happens when an important gene called foxg1 doesn't work properly. Children born with FOXG1 syndrome often have a hard time talking, walking, or doing things on their own, and they often have terrible seizures. But, there are people who are working very hard to change this.


The FOXG1 Research Foundation is a group of scientists, doctors, and families who are working together to find a cure and bring hope and healing to children around the world.


FOXG1 children all have one thing in common - they are amazing. Despite their many challenges, just like Josie, they show us how to appreciate the little things in life and teach us about strength, love and pure joy.

On A Mission

Scientists are working around the clock on fixing the broken gene and finding a Cure.


FOXG1 Facts


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FOXG1 is one of the first and most important genes in brain development 



Children born with FOXG1 syndrome have many different types of disabilities



FOXG1 is an Autism-related gene and the research into FOXG1 can help lead to answers about Autism

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