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Joyfully Josie Hardcover Book

Introducing Joyfully Josie, a heartwarming children's book series about a little girl named Josie who has FOXG1 syndrome, a rare disease that causes disabilities.


Despite her many challenges, Josie's joy lights up the world around her. Through her experiences, Josie teaches about inclusion and encourages children to feel comfortable asking questions to children who look different.

The introductory book sets the stage for the series by delivering a simple yet powerful message: despite the toughest challenges, Josie finds and spreads joy. Children will be inspired by Josie's positivity and encouraged to approach their own challenges with resilience and optimism. Follow-up books in the series will answer many questions children may have about disabilities and rare diseases, providing a comprehensive and informative resource for kids and families.

Ideal for young readers and read-alouds with young children and their families, Joyfully Josie is a must-read series that will leave a lasting impression on readers of all ages. Come discover the joy of Josie and learn about the incredible strength and resilience of those who live with disabilities and rare diseases.

**Profits go to the FOXG1 Research Foundation a 501(c)(3) charity**

Joyfully Josie Hardcover Book

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