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The Author

Nicole Zeitzer Johnson is on a mission to find a cure for the rare disease her daughter Josie was born with, called FOXG1 syndrome. She co-founded the FOXG1 Research Foundation, which is dedicated to accelerating research to find treatments for every child in the world with FOXG1 syndrome and related children’s brain disorders, while advocating for and supporting families.


As Josie's mom, Nicole recognizes that most young children may not understand the concept of disabilities and she believes that books create experiences that lead to understanding. This inspired her to write the children’s book, "Joyfully Josie," to help give parents and educators the tools to teach all children about disabilities and inclusion at a young age.

"Joyfully Josie" motivated Nicole to create the Live-Joyfully education program, aimed at streamlining the implementation of DEI and SEL across schools and districts.

Before becoming a champion for rare diseases, Nicole worked as a television producer and was also an entrepreneur in the music business.

Nicole lives in New York with her husband, Richard, and Josie’s big brother, Tanner.

The Illustrator

David Concepcion is an animator, character designer, and children's book illustrator.

He has been a professional for over 25 years working as an animator on many animated motion pictures such as, An American Tail, Land Before Time, and The Jetsons Movie. He's worked on several television series including, The Animated Adventures of Mighty Mouse, Doug, and Dora the Explorer.


He's also worked on several children's picture eBooks for a nonprofit literary company, Chapter One.

David and Nicole share the experience of being caretakers

for loved ones with disabilities. They created Joyfully Josie together with a profound commitment to foster inclusivity and understanding.


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