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Team Josie's Race to a Cure: You are a circle of good in the world

Since I cofounded the FOXG1 Research Foundation in 2017, "Team Josie" has helped us achieve incredible things. We started with nothing, really. There was very little understanding of the foxg1 gene and the syndrome, and no research effort underway.

In six years, we have become the global FOXG1 organization driving research with a clear roadmap to a cure. We have a very promising gene therapy program underway. We’re seeing truly groundbreaking -curative- results in our preclinical work! Pretty badass, huh?

Check out our 6 year progress video from my co-founder, Nasha

Truth is - we have ONLY been able to do this work because of our supporters - our teams of friends and family members - who donate to the FOXG1 Research Foundation - over and over again!

You, my supporters who share my posts, who tell a friend, who introduce me to people who can help...

YOU are all a part of a life-changing story that is unfolding before us.

YOU are a part of the cure for FOXG1 syndrome. We will get there together. Like Gwen Stefani, I have no doubt.

I always say this will be Josie’s story to tell and she will thank everyone of you who has joined this meaningful mission that will improve the blueprint of human life.

I said recently: we never look at Josie’s diagnosis as a “fortunate event.”

No. It’s not.

She deserves to do all the things we can all do. When people say things like, it was meant to be so that I can do this work. Well, I appreciate the idea, but it’s hard to say Josie needed to suffer with this horrible disease so that I can dedicate my life’s work to curing it.

But, she does have it and we are going to cure it.

And ever since the day she was diagnosed, it has actually been a series of fortunate events.

Every touch of support along the way is why we we will cure FOXG1 syndrome, and heck, we just might help solve some other neurological conditions while we’re at it. Our work can potentially help solve Autism.

Sounds pretty bold, I know, but it’s true. Foxg1 is an autism related gene and even the Simon Foundation Autism Research Initiative has given our lead scientists a $1.5M grant to support our gene therapy program.

I have to stop and take deep breaths when I realize how big this is. And you, Team Josie, should too, because you are a very critical part of this very big thing we're doing.

When you donate, either for the first time or for the 17th time, please know that you are part of something so much bigger than we can even see now.

You are the arms connecting this great circle of good in the world. Isn’t that what we need so badly - a great big circle of good.

You are part of a mission that is determined to take away FOXG1 children’s seizures, to help children walk, talk, use their hands with purpose, to help give them the ability to say “I love you.”

You are making sure children can tell their own story. When you donate, please know it’s so much more than just a few clicks online or just writing a check. It means more than I can ever express.

November is upon us - Josie’s birthday month (12!) and FOXG1 Awareness Month.

We launched an end-of-year peer-to-peer campaign with a goal to reach $200k by Dec 31st. Team Josie’s goal is $10k. These goals are critical incremental steps along the road to clinical trials.

Some thoughts:

  • Anyone know someone who might match the $10k so that all donations are doubled? There are so many philanthropists out there who are looking to allocate their giving to help children live with abilities and health. ANd to see the fruit of their giving in their lifetime!

  • Anyone can start a team if you want! High school students who want to start a team for a community activity for their college applications! We can help!

  • If anyone can introduce me to foundations or philanthropists for major gifts, I will fly anywhere to present our work and the roadmap to get our gene therapy to clinical trials. I know Mackenzie Scott would join Team Josie! Can anyone connect us?

I must say, there are so many organizations and people who need donations - especially now. There are so many important causes to support. I am humbled and grateful beyond measure for Team Josie’s continued love and support.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Hear Josie


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